Vinay Prataprao Deshmukh Wins – Best Actor Award at World Film Carnival, Singapore – International Film Festival 

Singapore: Kissa Ghar Productions Presents “Na Jaane Kyun” A short film Directed by Mayank Pushpam Singh; starring Lavina Khanchandani and Vinay Prataprao Deshmukh; here the story is about collision of two different worlds of burning desire and being completely ignorant about it. Love of our protagonist is hyper real, with hyperbole of being dangerous. In his head he goes through all markers of a relationship-initiation, understanding, appreciating to branding of love.

Vinay Prataprao Deshmukh young artist who has several National and International film festival nominations and awards, gets a prestigious award as: Best actor award at WFC, Singapore International Film Festival Aug – Sept ’21 for his new short film which deals with serious issues and harsh truth of obsessively complex relationships around us.

Toxic love and relationship… when too much love is overpowered from one partner: Each new difficulty can reinforce these unhelpful ideas until they’re firmly entrenched in their inner monologue. Over time, negative self-talk can damage resilience, making it harder to bounce back from challenges and heal.

Film’s director said, “We tend to forget that relationships are binary & not one-way tracks and such misleading developments may lead to more hurt and broken hearts.

Reaction to awards “Our decision to put together such an abstract got validated and it’s encouraging for putting across such stories in future.”

He added, “With so much turmoil in current times all the more so less is in our control and if our relationships does not add to our growth or support our emotional health it’s never too late to let it go”

As an Actor, Vinay says, “This role excited me… and also made me think over and over again to get in its skin. The film talks about the victimisation of women in everyday life, and how they are preyed on in a predominantly patriarchal society. My director’s explained me, there’s no hero or Villain in film. Everyone’s hero in their own story… So, while performing. I’m not playing a good or bad character, I’m playing the character who’s obsessed with the girl whom he Loves, gets teased by her yet silent… I’m the character who’s uncomfortable and awkward host, before joining her friends. But I enjoy the sliver of attention and reveals my obsession for the girl in a monologue format, which is meant for the audience, describing my desire to own her. I won’t reveal entire story here. But the process of Love, obsession and way of expressing love goes crazy with every minute and that’s something. Today if I watch My favourite actor Shah Rukh Khan’s Darr I will think what a movie it was… But then in real life when it comes to stalking, obsession, psychopath and such Obsessive love disorder” (OLD) refers to a condition where you become obsessed with one person you think you may be in love with. You might feel the need to protect your loved one obsessively, or even become controlling of them as if they were a possession. That’s horrifying for me. But I’m glad as an artist I’m showcasing this in a short movie format that too, in less time with so many film festivals getting-good recognition.”

He’s a multi-talented artist who is an Actor, Director, Content Creator, Engineer, Creative Producer, Influencer, Copywriter, Screenwriter, and Activist/Social Worker. Vinay Deshmukh comes from a small town Nanded, Maharashtra. He takes immense pride in calling himself ‘ Son of a Farmer’, Calls himself “Unfortunately an Engineer.”

Have you heard the Marathi celebrity Acapella song yet?

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan has taken to Twitter to wish luck for this song which was directed by Vinay Prataprao Deshmukh. The songs which make you feel nostalgic are beautifully put together with interesting beats. The song features 66 different artists consisting of singers, actors and even cricketers. Vinod Kambli, Sonu Nigam, Hariharan, Vikram Gokhale, Prajakta Mali, Manasi Naik are just to name a few. The song, a tribute to pillars in the Marathi film industry was released on May 2. The day marks the anniversary of Dadasaheb Phalke’s movie Raja Harishchandra, the first full-length feature film. His widely known works are “Marathi celebrity Acapella”, “Dhin Tak Dhin” https://youtu.be/LToPE4TevnI ,”Mine through Time”https://youtu.be/-iQXjaivZRE , “Gaddi Boy”https://youtu.be/TX9t2EGcbNc, “Na Jaane Kyun”, “Somebody Kunitari Prem Karava” etc.

He is trying to set a benchmark in the Entertainment industry with his creativity and art. Most importantly selecting roles which shows mirror of society.

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