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YOGA – A blessing for feminine fitness by Heena Rajgor

Yoga is an effective workout that can be easily practiced from home or anywhere, do not even need any instruments. Yoga is very effective for all age group of females, even there are specific Yogasana which are very helpful during menstruation & pregnancy also.

Women play multiple roles in personal & professional spheres. Women in their 20s & 30s juggle their career, household chores, period cycles, pregnancy & hectic schedules. Yoga helps balancing harmones, mood & inner peace to attain a quality of life.

Fitness is not being in attractive shape, its about to live a healthy & pain free life. The more healthy you are the best care you can take of your family.

Yoga is the traditional way of healing your body & soul from within. Yoga helps in weight loss, glowing skin, strengthening muscles, increase flexibility, quality sleep etc.

Follow this 5 Rutine Daily for a fit & healthy life:

  1. Do 3 Sets of Suryanamaskar daily.
  2. Practice Dhanursana, Bhadrasana & Sarvangasana daily.
  3. Breathing- Do Anulom-Vilom & Ujjayi Pranayam for 10 mins daily.
  4. Meditation- Do Meditation for 10 minutes daily.
  5. Drink Min 3 Ltrs of Water & have 8 hours of sleep.

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About the Author

Heena Rajgor is a Yoga Trainer & is famously known as Yoga Queen in her small town called Bhuj Kutch. She is the Winner of Gujarat State Level Yoga Championship 2022 & will be playing National in 2023.

She is also a Fashion Model & Winner of Gujarat Super Model 2022. She is the 1st choice for Jury in Beauty Pageants & Fashion Show. She has taken many Grooming Sessions for Beauty Pageant Contestants. She loves to walk on ramp & also a Brand Ambassador for many Fashion Brands.

She conducts free Yoga & Fitness Sessions on her Instagram page @healthywithheena.

Healthy with heena: करो योग.. रहो निरोग..

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