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    Apna Bhada provides 3500 New Cars to the drivers on 0 costs

    Showroom cost of the vehicle will be paid by Apna Bhada while insurance, resignation and other charges only will be paid by the drivers. Apna Bhada The Free Taxi Service Company going to provide 3500 new cars to the drivers at 0 costs. The Idea Behind this incentive is to introduce maximum numbers of Taxis on the Roads and provide maximum…

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  • BusinessTaxi Rides without Paying Single Penny

    Taxi Rides without Paying Single Penny

    New Delhi: World renowned wrestler Mr. Sangram Singh has aligned his name next to a great initiative taken by Mr. Murtaza Ali (Founder & CEO Apna Bhada) This initiative is a taxi service called Apna Bhada in which people can hire a taxi for free of cost. This service has started in Goa, Delhi NCR and Banglore for the time…

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