KBGTRIPS: Making Travel Dreams Affordable for Everyone

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India]: Founded in 2014 with a simple vision of “Travel for All,” KBGTRIPS has become a leading platform for budget-conscious travellers, offering comprehensive travel services that include holiday packages, hotels, visa assistance, forex, and insurance. The company’s objective, led by KBG Gangadhar, is to make holiday packages affordable to everyone, from ordinary households to high-flying explorers.

“We believe everyone deserves to explore the world,” says Gangadhar. “That’s why we design packages for every budget and taste, catering to everything from backpacker adventures in Thailand to family cruises through the Maldives and expanding our offerings with unforgettable voyages on Cordelia Cruises.”

From Beachy Bliss to Mountain Majesty

KBGTRIPS currently focuses on select destinations such as Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Vietnam, Maldives, Andaman, Kashmir, Manali, and Ladakh but hopes to increase its destination options soon. Understanding the diverse travel dreams of their customers, KBGTRIPS offers a spectrum of experiences, from sun-drenched beach escapes to adrenaline-pumping mountain adventures.

Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed

KBGTRIPS prides itself on being the undisputed price champion in the travel industry. The company boldly claims 100% price match guarantees, promising to beat any competitor’s quote for equivalent packages. This confidence stems from its dual role as a Destination Management Company in multiple Asian countries, allowing it to negotiate exceptional rates with hotels, tour operators and cruise lines like Cordelia Cruises.

KBGTRIPS shines in the travel industry with its commitment to open pricing. Believing everyone deserves a fair deal, the company encourages price comparisons and backs them up with a 100% price match guarantee. This transparency builds trust and empowers customers to make confident decisions. No hidden fees, no last-minute surprises, just clear pricing and the assurance of getting the best possible value.

Quality Experiences Guaranteed

KBGTRIPS also prioritise quality experiences. All the packages are carefully curated to include comfortable accommodations, reliable transportation, exciting activities, and attentive service. The company’s passion for travel shines through in the personalised touch they offer each customer.

KBGTRIPS, driven by a goal of affordable travel for everybody, is transforming the Indian scenery with unbeatable costs, vast offers, and an uncompromising love for quality. The company’s global expansion and industry-changing strategy have one guiding principle in common: to make everyone’s travel dreams come true.
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