Aimah Tours Remarkable Basic Economy Umrah Package: More than 60 Pilgrims Embark on a 15-Day Spiritual Umrah Journey

In a journey of faith and devotion, Aimah Tours recently organized a Basic Economy Umrah Package that accommodated a total of 60 pilgrims.

The tour, scheduled from October 16th to October 30th, spanned over 15 spiritually enriching days and has left a profound impact on all who participated in this sacred voyage.

Aimah Tours, a well-respected name in pilgrimage services, delivered an unforgettable experience to all pilgrims.

The pilgrimage, undertaken during the auspicious month of October, was a transformative experience for those who took part. This journey was marked by spiritual rejuvenation, an insightful exploration of holy sites, and a sense of unity among the pilgrims. The pilgrims were not only impressed by the spiritual aspects of the trip but also by the exceptional services provided by Aimah Tours. Here are some glowing reviews from the pilgrims who speak highly of Aimah Tours’ services:


Mirza Firoz Beig:

“Aimah Tours’ services exceeded all expectations. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, everything was meticulously planned and executed, ensuring a stress-free pilgrimage.”

Sara Aziz:

“The attention to detail in providing services by Aimah Tours was remarkable. The entire journey was smooth, and we were well taken care of throughout.”


Yahya Khan:

“The quality and variety of food provided during the trip were excellent. Aimah Tours ensured that we had a wide range of culinary choices that catered to our diverse preferences.”

Salama Begum:

“I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious meals offered during our Umrah journey. Aimah Tours made sure that the food was not only nourishing but also delectable.”


Jamal Abdul Rab Khan:

“The guided tours of the holy sites organized by Aimah Tours were enlightening. The historical insights and explanations added depth to our pilgrimage experience.”

Shaista Dekhani Booluki:

“Aimah Tours’ knowledge of the sacred sites and the history associated with them made our visits even more meaningful. The guided tours were a highlight of the trip.”


Bilquis Khatoon Anwar Mahmood:

“I appreciate Aimah Tours’ attention to the small details, including laundry services. It made our journey comfortable, and we didn’t have to worry about our clothes.”

Faheem Ahmad:

“Laundry services were a convenient and thoughtful addition to the package. Aimah Tours’ commitment to providing a hassle-free experience was evident.”


Mohammad Amaan:

“The Umrah rituals were made easy to understand and perform, thanks to Aimah Tours’ guidance. This made the spiritual aspect of our journey profound and fulfilling.”

Saba Khatoon:

“Performing Umrah under the guidance of Aimah Tours was a deeply moving experience. Their assistance and support ensured that everything was done correctly.”


Mohammad Shahid:

“Our flight arrangements with Aimah Tours were smooth and hassle-free. We appreciated the seamless logistics that allowed us to focus on our spiritual journey.”

Muneer Ahmad:

“From ticketing to in-flight experience, Aimah Tours ensured that our journey started and ended on a positive note. It was a truly comfortable and convenient experience.”

Makkah and Madinah Insights:

Imran Ul Hasan:

“Aimah Tours provided us with insights into the cultural and spiritual significance of Makkah and Madinah. These insights enhanced our connection with the holy cities.”

Nazim Khan:

“The knowledge shared by Aimah Tours about Makkah and Madinah added depth to our pilgrimage. It was a profound and enriching aspect of our journey.”

Founder Haji Mohammad Amaan and His Team:

Mufti Abdul Rehman:

“Haji Mohammad Amaan and his team were exceptional throughout the journey. Their dedication to ensuring a seamless and spiritual experience was truly commendable.”

Saisha Shaik:

“Haji Mohammad Amaan and his team in Makkah and Madinah were like family to us. Their warmth and support made this journey a cherished memory.”

This Basic Economy Umrah Package organized by Aimah Tours was not just a pilgrimage; it was a life-altering experience. It brought pilgrims closer to their faith and provided them with an opportunity to create lasting memories. The enthusiastic reviews from the pilgrims emphasize the significance of this spiritual journey and the outstanding services provided by Aimah Tours and its dedicated founder, Haji Mohammad Amaan, and his team in Makkah and Madinah.

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