‘Walk-in Cafe’ – A concept of breathing new life into coffee shop culture

Arty hangouts to eating tempting food. Sounds like a plan!

People enjoy their coffee, but there’s more to a cafe than simply those roasted beans. We can describe a cafe as a relaxed social space because of the feeling of comfort and tranquility they provide, along with the various food choices that are also healthy. Cafes provide a welcoming smile for individuals who feel lonely in this digital era, where communication is typically done through a screen. A good cafe will evoke a cosy, homely atmosphere while also providing spaces where customers may work comfortably. This explains why the cafe has replaced locations like libraries as the preferred setting for those who freelance or work from home..

Walk in a fast food chain which involves in millet based fast food like pizza burger sandwiches paratha South Indian mixes cookies etc 

With the success of his first company, “Diosiv Foods Pvt Ltd.,” Mr. Sumit Singh also established “Walk In.” He came up with the Walk-in Café concept in December 2022 and introduced a nutritious and healthy fast food chain that involves millet based foods like pizza, burger sandwiches, parathas, South Indian mixes, cookies, etc. It was launched in Gurugram, Haryana. His main motive was to provide a very tranquil setting where people could gather with family and friends to catch up over a warm cup of coffee and healthy snacks, as most of the food chains in India make unhealthy food that causes various health hazards. He is also well-known for his dedication to female empowerment in the workplace. In the following year, he added value to Seabuckthorn, India’s first cookie launching event in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, by signing a MoU with the Himachal Pradesh government in the presence of Dr. Ram Lal Markandey, technical education, IT, and the tribal minister.

Additionally, DIOSIV, which is already a part of the food processing industry, was chosen by IARI as one of the top 25 start-ups in India for 2016.

The company has also gained recognition by participating in a lot of exhibitions, seminars, and flea markets. The company’s focus is on food processing, which makes raw foods more enticing and marketable. This got them recognized by Silicon India as the “10 Best Food Processing Startup 2022.” They recently won the award for the best millet product.

Food that is not only healthy but tasty too, and with their “Millet-based spinach and beetroot premixes,” you can enjoy the process of being healthy without losing out on your pace. It can be used in making bread dough, which in turn can be converted into appetizing sandwich breads, pizza bases, kulches, burgers, etc. It is high in fiber with no sugar spike after eating; it also helps reduce operational and processing costs. Not only is it time-efficient, but it also helps reduce the waste of dry raw materials and veggies. 

What’s new in the process? You may ask

Featuring a distinctively appetizing menu with the use of beetroot powder and spinach powder in their millet-based bread, it is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet cuppa alongside the nutritious snacks before hitting the busy streets. 

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