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Transform your life and boost your emotional health with Awaken App

Ahmedabad, Gujarat [India]: Meditation has been adopted by people for centuries now. It is the best remedy to eradicate stress, anxiety, and depression. Besides boosting self-awareness, it also enhances emotional, physical and mental health. Regular doses of meditation channelize your brain and boost your ability to focus more.

Looking at the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic, it is essential to realize the importance of meditation. In this chaotic and unstable world, people often suffer from anxiety and depression. In such a scenario, doing meditation could be your ultimate salvation. It helps to deal with stress in everyday life and helps the brain to function wisely. It will further help you to make correct decisions in the journey of your life.

Awaken is one such application which aims at making the world a peaceful and happier place. It believes in boosting the spiritual as well as the happiness index of the universe.

All sorts of potential energies come from ancient Indian yogic literature, classical music, Vedic literature, hymns and mantras. Awaken has brought all these positive energies together to form an excellent source of meditation.

Awaken works on creating such resources that are based on ancient literature, yoga, classical music of India. It also focuses on providing wisdom through the ancient Vedic mantra and literature.

Awaken is an ultimate platform that uplifts the procedure of meditation and helps you shred all your inner blocks. The team has mastered the art of removing all types of negative energies from a person’s life. Be it anger, depression or any such complexities which holds them back to lead a happy life, Awaken helps them in their endeavour.

Awaken has an excellent team of experts. The team adopts beautiful and effective methods to provide mental peace to people. With a unique touch of classical music and mantra, Awaken has revolutionized the ways of doing Pranayama.

The phenomenal team of Awaken includes,

  • Dr Parth Mankad ( Counselor, Homeopath, Music Therapist and Meditation expert)
  • Dr Yayati Bhatt ( Entrepreneur, and Co-founder of Rugved Hospital)
  • Dr Yatin Shah (Entrepreneur, Music Therapist)
  • Mr Sugam Vora ( Music Composer and Arranger)
  • Dr Kedar Upadhyay( Music composer, Music therapist and expert in Ayurveda)

You must be thinking, what are the specialities of this application? Well, there are tons of specialities that Awaken mobile applications have.

Few of them are mentioned below:

  • It is blessed with an excellent team of Doctors, Music therapists and musicians.
  • It promotes original content and music. All the tracks are recorded by the finest artists.
  • The tracks help to provide music therapy.
  • You get a variety of tracks regardless of your mood, mantra or meditation.
  • The best part is that it has a library which features sounds of nature. This keeps you connected with nature mentally and provides you with a calm and serene mind.

With their expertise in this field, they exactly know what to do. Awaken was introduced to provide peace to people by promoting the benefits of meditation. The achievements of Awaken are mesmerizing.

It has gained more than 3lakhs views on YouTube. As people loved the idea and approach of Awaken, it received significant attention in no time. Within a few months of this application coming into existence, it earned more than 5000 subscribers immediately. They have more than 1000 active meditation users.

It has received loads of appreciation and more than 500 positive feedbacks from its users within a short period of time. People have stopped complaining about anger issues, anxiety issues and insomnia after availing the services of this app. It has recorded 500+ hours for mantras, guidance and classical music of India, for better meditation. Today there are meditators who belong from more than 50 different countries who are associated with Awaken.

Business Nationwide Awards spotted the hard work and dedication of the team members. It was then that Awaken was awarded the Business Mint Awards in the category of India’s Most Preferred Application for Meditation & Music Therapy in 2020.

This mobile application has served a lot of people around the globe and is still evolving each day to provide the best that it can to its users. This application has been transforming lives, and as they say, “A happy mind is a happy soul”.

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