Toshita Gabhane wins Miss Fabb Nagpur, Sayali Ashtankar wins Mrs Fabb Nagpur and Rahul Hathibed wins Mr Fabb Nagpur 2023

Grand finale of Miss Fabb Nagpur, Mrs Fabb Nagpur & Mr Fabb Nagpur held at VR Nagpur, Medical Square. The enchantment of Nagpur reached new heights as the dazzling finale of Miss Fabb Nagpur, Mrs Fabb Nagpur, and Mr Fabb Nagpur 2023 took center stage at VR Nagpur, Medical Square. The city’s elite gathered amidst anticipation and splendor, witnessing a mesmerizing display of beauty, talent, and elegance that left Nagpur dazzled.

Hosting this grand event was VR Nagpur, a premium mall known for opulence and a prime location. Its luxurious backdrop elevated the experience, seamlessly blending sophistication with the glamour of the occasion.

Founded by Yash Bhuptani and Vaishali Varma, Miss Fabb empowers the youth to excel. The pageant’s unique approach features city-level auditions, city-level training sessions and finale shows in over 10 cities across India. This unmatched platform, backed by industry leaders, makes it highly sought-after.

Miss Fabb Nagpur event encompassed three rounds: Introduction, walk, and Question and Answer. These stages assessed contestants’ overall personality, showcasing their charisma and poise.

Miss Fabb Nagpur, Mr Fabb Nagpur, Mrs Fabb Nagpur received over 3000 online registrations out of which 300 plus participants were selected to attend the auditions at VR Nagpur. From the auditions 62 finalists were selected across Miss Fabb, Mrs Fabb and Mr Fabb categories. These finalists of Miss Fabb Nagpur, Mrs Fabb Nagpur & Mr Fabb Nagpur underwent rigorous training, grooming, and etiquette sessions, honing their skills for the grand finale and beyond.

The judging panel, including Mr. Kranti Shanbhag, a celebrated Movie/Music Album/Web Series Producer from Mumbai;

RJ Nisha from 92.7 Big FM Nagpur, known for her vivacity;

Aadarsh Pathak, national winner of Mr Fabb India, bringing style and charm; and

Mrs. Reena Bhattacharya, winner of Mrs. Fabb Mumbai, adding glamour and expertise;

along with Kashish Ratnani, the charismatic MTV Splitsvilla contestant and Miss Fabb winner.

The atmosphere at Miss Fabb Nagpur 2023 reached a fever pitch with the dynamic presence of Kashish Ratnani, fame of MTV Splitsvilla and also winner of Miss Fabb. The crowd erupted with delight, capturing the essence of her star power. Kashish’s appearance, coupled with her undeniable charm and widespread social media influence, triggered a rush of eager fans hoping to seize a coveted selfie moment with the sensational personality.

Collaborating to create this mesmerizing spectacle were partners like 92.7 Big FM, the radio partner; Trends, Levi’s, and Cinderbay School of Design, the fashion partners; Bright Outdoor Media Ltd, the outdoor partner; Capello Salon, the Salon partner; VLCC, the wellness partner; and Orane International School, the Hair and Makeup partner.

Praful Urakude Photography and Vivek Khatri Photography captured the evening’s ambiance. Anchor Chirag Vithalani and Show Director & Choreographer Vaishali Varma added charisma and energy.

Toshita Gabhane was crowned as Miss Fabb Nagpur 2023

Winners emerged as stars, etching their names in Nagpur’s history:

  • Miss Fabb Nagpur Winner 2023 is Toshita Gabhane
  • Miss Fabb Nagpur 1st Runner Ups 2023 tie between- Sakshi Wadaskar & Shrutika Wankhade
  • Miss Fabb Nagpur 2nd Runner Ups 2023 tie between – Arya Mahurkar & Pranjali Sawarkar
  • Miss Fabb Popular Nagpur is Pranjali Sawarkar
  • Mrs Fabb Nagpur Winner 2023 is Mrs Sayali Ashtankar
  • Mrs Fabb Nagpur 1st Runner Up 2023 is Mrs Poonam Dhundhara
  • Mrs Fabb Nagpur 2nd Runner Ups 2023 are Mrs Priyanka Pillewan & Aarti
  • Mrs Fabb Popular Nagpur is Mrs Rashmi Joshi
  • Mr Fabb Nagpur Winner 2023 is Rahul Hathibed
  • Mr Fabb Popular Nagpur is Sanket Tidke

As the curtains drew on the Miss Fabb,Mrs Fabb,  Mr Fabb Nagpur 2023 finale, a new era of talent emerged. The crowning of these winners marked the start of an incredible journey for these exceptional individuals. With their charisma, dedication, and poise, they captured not only the hearts of Nagpur but also the promise of a radiant future.

Mrs Sayali Ashtankar was declared as winner of Mrs Fabb Nagpur 2023

These winners stand as testaments to Nagpur’s elegance and charm. Their names are etched in the city’s history, poised to inspire, captivate, and bring pride to Nagpur. As new stars rise, the legacy of Miss Fabb, Mrs Fabb, Mr Fabb Nagpur 2023 will continue to shine as a beacon of hope for generations to come.

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