Top three authors share the best advice for young aspiring writers on how to publish their books

Are you a budding author who longs to see your book in print but are unsure of how to proceed? Do you also want to publish your works and leave a lasting impression? An aspiring author is usually always perplexed about the best option to publish books because there are so many self and traditional publishers.

Here, we offer the best guidance for aspiring young authors who wish to publish their books and leave a lasting impression. Our experts include bestselling non-fiction author Ubbay Francis who is also one of Mumbai’s most talented persons, the veteran financial expert, speaker, blogger, social activist, and author R K Mohapatra, and also the international literary sensation Ka’Ron Gaines, who coined the term “Woke Seed” and is the creator of a new book genre called CIC books.

How to publish your book? Advice for aspiring writers by Author R K Mohapatra

The aspiring writer should comprehend the publication process in three different ways: publishing the book through registered publishers, self-publishing on one’s own dime, and self-publishing with the assistance of a publisher.

The first option to publish a book for a new author is challenging since publishers won’t put any money into an author who doesn’t have any market value or recognition. The author of the second category will publish the book and obtain all necessary regulatory approvals by himself. In the third category, the writer chooses a self-publishing package and signs an agreement with the publisher, and the publisher will publish the book accordingly. Typically, the third option is chosen by all aspiring writers.

The second and third methods may make it simple to publish a book, but bookselling is more difficult.

Young authors should ensure that their writing has a clear message for the reader. It should contain straightforward language and be topic-specific. A good and appealing book cover will increase your sales and readership. Pick a brief, expressive book title. Fill it with drama, threat, and meaning. Because it will make it easier for readers to find you while searching on Kindle, desktop, or mobile devices, it should be short & simple.

Write on a subject about which you are knowledgeable and confident. If you’re unsure, don’t provide your audience with inaccurate information. If you accidentally mention something, it is best to apologize. It will add value to society. Your strengths, which add value to you, are your work, attitude, knowledge, and skill. A self-publishing author should be aware of it from the beginning.

Modern technology allows aspiring authors to spread their writing around the globe. Now, writers can publish their work on video as well. In order to reach the target audience, he must do the required preparations and design a strategic plan. Try to promote your book via social media, online media outlets, or display boards and become a bestseller.

About the Author R K Mohapatra

R. K. Mohapatra is a blogger, speaker, writer, Social Activist, and Award-winning bestselling Author; he has vast experience 32 years of in the field of finance and Accounts. He is known for his work on cash & wealth management, portfolio analysis, financial planning, and retirement planning. 

Mohapatra’s honest and striking portrayals of the corporate world earned him numerous national and international awards and exceptional caliber in the world of finance. Recently, the global foundation honored R K Mohapatra with the super prestigious Bhartiya Sahitya Ratna- Best Author Award-2022 in recognition of his immense contribution to literature across talent domains, striving for excellence in genres across the Nation and beyond. 

Tips for Aspiring Writers Looking To Publish Their Books by Ka’Ron Gaines

  • To always write from the inside because that’s where your individual genius resides
  • Write with a purpose
  • Write with intention on making an impact in the world
  • Always know that your content will last even after you are no longer living
  • Be brave in your subject matter

About Ka’Ron Gaines

Ka’Ron Gaines aka Mr. One God is a world record holder global literary sensation from Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. He is the creator of the term Woke Seed and also the creator of a new genre of books called CIC books (Children’s Illustration Consciousness books). His books have made a significant impact on adults and children all over the world. Counted amongst the greats of modern literature, Ka’Ron Gaines is the only one in the world to write and publish six books on the same day. As of now, he has published 9 blockbuster books and another 26 are in process. The Math says USD 20 per book * 50,000 books = 1 million dollars!

What are the golden rules of book publishing for a debut author? Answers Ubbay Francis

  • Create unique content in the language of people. Catering to the mass is the key, instead of the class
  • Publish your book using a self publishing method with a good and reputed publisher. There are some book publishers who are just making money and do not offer good quality. You need to be smart and ask the previous authors of your publication about their experiences.
  • The most important thing is to connect with the right people to identify the right way ahead and when you want to publish your book. Your book may be the best creation ever but it won’t create any impact unless it is marketed well. The best marketing agency for books in India is certainly Digital Golgappa as per my choice.
  • Remember, being a bestseller is easy but creating an impact is tough. Focus on the long term goals.

About Ubbay Francis

Ubbay Francis is the most talented person in Mumbai. He is a popular celebrity coach, a casting director who has worked for Dharma Productions before he quit Bollywood to pursue the fitness industry. He is also a well-known bodybuilding consultant. His debut book titled The Importance of Physics in Bodybuilding was published and released worldwide by Digital Golgappa. It created significant impact in it’s category and dealt with some of the technical aspects of the industry. His other book was about the diet, supplements, and lifestyle of a bodybuilding athlete. He is also a digital marketing expert and celebrity management guru. With his half Spanish, half Indian legacy, he continues to train several aspirants for various fields. He will soon gift his books to Bollywood actress Nushratt Bharucha, Disha Patani and actor Tiger Shroff. Leading Brazilian fashion supermodel Venessa rated his book five stars in a recent review, and even mentioned how much his books impacted her life.

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