Rajat Chauhan – The Vision of a happy living

People today work hard to become rich but somewhere or the other they miss out the real happiness. Being born to a middle class family is not a curse if it is not a blessing always. Having with us is one of such personnel who used his existing advent to frame his future day with every tinge of possible happiness one can foster.

Rajat Chauhan, a Delhite, holds a degree in engineering but is an astounding comedian by character and profession who belongs to a middle class family with layers which he has now successfully added to it. Rajat Chauhan is a delightful light and ambience for his audience, who love him and his work unconditionally which includes families as well as the people from the corporate industry.

Taking on the advice as his life offers him; Rajat Chauhan admires the dedication and praises the efforts one puts in to chase after one’s dreams. Rajat Chauhan, having done 700 shows till date and where the count is still increasing, has come to appraise life in its own aesthetic terms. Having lived 8 years in this phrase of the era, Rajat Chauhan appreciates the tag of family comedian over any cubicle job.

Having travelled and experienced the interaction with different versions of life across the map, Rajat Chauhan is all about ethnicity of a character which is reflected in his work. Charming the public at times by his performance in not an end to his scared endeavor but it extends to his routine lifestyle in every interaction he holds.

Rajat Chauhan believes that it is good to work hard and strive relentlessly to gather all the rich efficiencies one can get, but reaching a point of richness, one might be rich but there will always be a part of middle class structure which will follow. So he urges not to miss out the happiness amidst the struggle.

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