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Rahul Borole, a young and dynamic social worker and politician, gained widespread recognition for his philanthropic work around Aurangabad

He is known for going out of his way to help the impoverished and fulfilling the needs of people. In his words, “everyone deserves a chance to spend a life where they don’t have to worry about putting the next meal on the table or getting basic amenities. To end their ordeal, I choose to dedicate my time to help them have a better life” says Borole.

During his childhood, Rahul had minimal interest in studies but enjoyed extracurricular activities. He often went to the temple with his parents and participated in social welfare activities like distributing food, money and blankets. His keen interest in current affairs and sociocultural development led him to pursue a career in politics that helped him better serve the country and its people.

Along with his routine welfare activities, Borole also became the front-liner in bringing about large-scale changes in Aurangabad in terms of social equality, education, and sanitation, among more. He is renowned to be approachable by people with their requests that he strives to fulfil.

In addition to this, his exemplary contribution was noted during the COVID-19 pandemic that impacted millions across the globe. Borole reportedly helped thousands of people sustain during the lockdown that closed all doors for many. He voluntarily helped in arranging beds, oxygen cylinders, masks, sanitizers, medicines, and more for people. He also sought after bringing food and essentials for those who couldn’t manage their own, and extended monetary support to further enable sustenance.

Rahul, who did a fantastic job during times of crisis, believes that people should use their powers in the correct places. “A few simple acts of empathy can alter someone’s life, and it’s important to not be afraid to go the additional mile and help people who are struggling when they need it the most,” says this young social worker-politician with a reputation of reaching out to those in need. His capable crew is in charge of feeding the destitute and assisting underprivileged children with their schooling. “Children are India’s future,” Rahul says, “and I want to help create India’s future in whatever way I can, by providing a little from my side.”

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