Mangalam Information Technologies completes two decades as a BPM solutions provider

  • This ISO 27001:2013 certified company was founded by Madhvi Bhandari, a seasoned IT professional and entrepreneur, in 2000
  • Today, it has emerged as a one-stop BPM solutions provider with a team of 400+ employees, comprising of 30% women workforce

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], December 30, 2021: Ahmedabad-headquartered Mangalam Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has completed two decades in the BPM industry. Founded by Madhvi Bhandari, a seasoned IT professional and entrepreneur, Mangalam Information Technologies has established itself as a one-stop BPM solutions provider.

With a team of 400+ employees, comprising 30% women, the company provides a host of services to the legal, healthcare and IT industry globally. 

Among its key value propositions are some best-in-class practices such as organization-wide SOP for people and process management, personal and process training through online resources, in-house library, and sessions with industry experts. The company also has stringent 3-step HR testing along with a 3rd party verification to hire the best talent and provide them with growth opportunities. Mangalam believes in building a strong work culture and pride for the organization and achieves this goal through inter-department employee engagement activities, wellness measures and an open-door policy.

“At Mangalam, we are steadfastly committed to quality and superior experience. Our emphasis on quality and stringent data security sets us apart from others. Encapsulating a wide gamut of BPM solutions, we envision creating an impact in the IT/ITES landscape through robust infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies and a qualified team of subject matter experts,” said Madhvi Bhandari, Founder and Director, Mangalam Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We take pride in our teams always willing to go the extra mile to deliver bespoke solutions and best-in-class services to our clients. I believe our employees to be our biggest strength. We have undertaken a series of initiatives to attract, nurture and retain talent to become a preferred employer in the IT segment. Our clients and employees are an integral part of our Mangalam family. When they Grow, We Grow,” said Shrishti Bhandari, Executive Director, Mangalam Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

One of the key differentiators for this ISO 27001:2013 certified company is its emphasis on quality and superior customer experience. Mangalam measures the productivity & performance of each project through relevant quantitative metrics using in-house monitoring software. Mangalam thrives on its culture and team’s dedication and commitment to the organization. While the middle management team has an average of 7+ years, the senior leadership team has an average of 15+ years of tenure with the company. There is a 24×7 dedicated client support through email or phone, three-step quality check by the Quality Assurance (QA) team, regular client feedback and dedicated resources for each project to ensure ‘on-time’ highest levels of quality and 100% customer satisfaction, ‘every-time’.

Data security is pivotal. At Mangalam, data and information is made available to only that person who needs it (confidentiality), only when required (Availability) and in the form required without any risk (Data Integrity). Some measures to ensure data security include logged server and PC activities, remote access to the client’s server through VPN or secured FTP for data protection, Confidentiality agreement signed with every employee, restricted biometric entry and 24x7x365 security surveillance.

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