Leomarte Freire: The Journalist from Angola who is an inspiration to many

Entrepreneur Leomarte Freire from Angola is an journalist, an influencer, blogger, actor and Television Presenter. Leomarte Freire is blessed with multiple talents. The best thing about his personality is he never gets tired of researching, he regularly attends international forums, conferences, exhibitions, events and international awards. Not just skill driven, Entrepreneur Leomarte Freire is actually a very hard working personality. His dedication, his hard work and passion regarding his helped and shaped him as a genius journalist.

It should be remembered that the multifaceted young man with a thousand trades, Leomarte Freire, is only 23 years old and started working very early. Among several of his occupations, Leomarte Freire currently holds the position of Deputy General Manager of the international channel Lifestyle Em Portugues.

Entrepreneur Leomarte Freire has more than 104K followers over his Instagram handle @leomarte1. Where he posts glimpse from his personal as well as professional life. He is a very outspoken personality and often shares his strong views on the latest  and international topics. You can also play his playlist on YouTube here.

Entrepreneur Leomarte Freire is continuously working on new media projects. His years of communication experience has helped him take his television presenter career to new heights. Leomarte Freire says “A good short story coverage consists of many elements, plot characters, description of events, ideas, tone and choice of words etc. Most of all it is very important that a story be captivating and interesting.” To become a journalist is a tough task in itself because it takes lots and lots of patience.

An inspiration to many young’s Leomarte Freire gives credit of his success to continuous growth and dedication. He tells us that consistency and never giving up attitude can make all our dreams come true. The difference between an ordinary person and a successful person is that the successful one never stopped hustling and never stopped working. If you nag over and lose focus then though you may be a genius, you cannot be successful.

To savor the pause Entrepreneur Leomarte Freire has always relied on traveling and with the advent of Social Media he has also been viral for his photographs and Vacations.

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