It’s hard not to fall in love with Kashika Kapoor after watching her in RATHWOFIVE & Neeti Mohan’s ‘Sacha Wala Pyar’

Mumbai, (Maharashtra) [India]: If you are an indie music lover, it is nearly impossible to miss out on RATHWOFIVE and Neeti Mohan’s new release ‘Sacha Wala Pyar’. One addition which made the video more appealing is none other than Kashika Kapoor. People who saw this video were truly mesmerised seeing the acting and dance moves of Kashika, as she seems like a perfect face for this music video. Being just 19, she has proven to the world that true hardwork and perseverance can surely lead to success.

It is truly fascinating to see such a pure talent making it in the entertainment industry without any godfather or support behind her. With a fanbase of more than 8M followers, it was seen that as soon as the song released, her page was swamped with her young fans uploading reels and showcasing the influential power she possesses. It’s said that she’s constantly getting messages from her fans & audience on her spectacular performance shown under the hashtag #merasachawalapyaar. Through this song, her fandom has become quite evident as to how influential she is amongst the youth today.

When asked Kashika about how was the experience working on the song, she fondly mentioned, “I feel truly blessed to be working with such great artists. When I was offered Sacha Wala Pyar, I was really excited to do this project, considering that such glorified artists like RATHWOFIVE and Neeti Mohan have sung this song, and it was indeed a fun opportunity sharing the screen with RATHWOFIVE for the music video. I am stunned looking at the response of my fans. I knew this song was amazing, but a validation from my fans made this experience even better. After looking at this immense reaction from my fans, I’m very exited to release few of my other projects very soon.”

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