Innovative Solution Core to Cyber security- Swift Safe

Where the complete era is rooming across digital platforms, cyber security as became a serious concern to the varied threats to businesses. Cybercrime captures the business resulting in financial as well as reputational losses.

Swift Safe has raised a bar for cyber security to assist businesses to run smoothly with a security shield. The Swift Safe team was much more interested in entrepreneurship as well as being in this era of the cyber world which was a passion associated with the services.

As per the current scenario of cybercrimes that are highlighted in alternate news media, no actions before the crime are initiated to protect the system inside those organizations. These are happened due to lack of awareness and absence of advanced level security solutions to the cyber threats in the companies onboard.

Even though a huge section of security is dealing with consistent automation testing still, have you ever thought of the reason for victims of cybercrimes? Here, the need for a modified version of the security system emerges with the powerful teamwork of strong innovative minds such as Swift Safe.

The talented team assures the organization with the initiatives of testing embraced by penetration testing supervised by certified professionals with the production of security reports and remediations. Experience speaks to the quality and the same happened with Mr. Akhil Rapelly being an ethical hacker who knows the value of losing the data and the need for supportive manual testing.  So, he started providing the needful services to enterprises via Swift Safe for digital security.

Mr. Akhil Rapelly as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at Swift Safe has enjoyed 10+ years in the cyber security and internet world and now working with his team of highly professional personalities to secure companies worldwide from getting caught by hackers. Ms. Sreeja Manchala too associated with the organization as a Co-founder of Swift Safe, who strategizes and prioritizes tasks with patients for successful outcomes.

The loopholes are focused approach on cyber security raise the chances of organizational data theft resulting in overall damage to the company. Swift Safe protects the company by advanced threat detection before the attack or warns them about security breaches that are open for cyber-attacks.

The team provides end-to-end services, maintaining necessary compliance regulations and suggest expertise cyber security consulting.

The Swift Safe has been started in 2016 with a team of 3 friends and now the entire team with a group of highly skilled professionals as ethical hackers and excelling in cyber security services. The organization has a sound client base with awareness in India of cyber security and its impact on businesses.

The team has accomplished to achieve top cyber security start-up as:

  • Top security service provider of 2018 by enterprise security as well as listed in their magazine.
  • 20 most promising cyber security solution providers -2018 by CIO Review India.

They are building internal tools which are a unique hybrid approach to protect businesses’ IT infra with their 24/7 uptime helpful to protect companies’ security and policies.

Swift Safe team is moving ahead with a future goal to release its own tools from beta version to release version that supporting IT infrastructures. It also brings awareness and provides special service offerings for a start-up company that impacts users data protection.

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