How a man from the Land of Vedas found his Zen

To quote Henri J.M. Nouwen, “The spiritual life does not remove us from the world but leads us deeper into it.”

It took years for one Hitesh Chakraworty to shift his ideologies to the aforementioned quote. After spending years as a consumerist and climbing the corporate ladder at well-known MNC’s like the Times of India group and Perfetti Van Melle group among others, he realized that unhealed emotional wounds and traumas in life can keep repeating in unhealthy life cycles. The wholeness that people try to find their entire life outside can only be reclaimed from within. This is when he decided to devote the remainder of his life to heal people spiritually. He set in motion for his journey to spiritual self-discovery in various ashrams in India in 2016.

In the past, Hitesh has done intensive spiritual research in multiple ashrams in Uttarakhand under the guidance of different sages. He believes in divine intelligence and listening to the powerful force within. After working with more than 3000 people from different country and ethnicity, he discovered how a person creates his own destiny unconsciously, not knowing what exactly driving him to make choices about his career, marriage, profession, business, travel, settling down to a particular city or country etc.

Now, most individuals believe that they are independent of their family’s fate. That such a thing like individual fate or destiny exists. However, on the basis of Hitesh’s extensive research, there is no such thing. Each of us repeats something in our lives that has already been done by our predecessors. This is because of the fact that Mother Nature restores equilibrium upon everything in this vast and unpredictable planet. This is the one and only reason why many families don’t have descendants and they just cease to exist. Individual destiny or fate can seemingly only be achieved when one follows the spiritual path of self-discovery.

Along with all this, Hitesh is also a spiritual business consultant, a spiritual guide, a relationship and family healer, a life coach and a spiritual/soul healer. He now has decades of experience under his belt in the field of spiritual healing. He has spiritually healed people dealing with addiction, anorexia, relationship trouble among couples, chronic illnesses, suicide tendencies, panic attacks, depression, anxiety and much more. He also wants to create employment for housewives too as he believes that only women can bring about change in our society as they nurture their children just the way Mother Nature nurtures us. He is launching online training for housewives soon where they will learn why people go through difficulties, stress, anxiety etc. in life and how to help them overcome their sufferings. He has categorized his services into Life Transformation, Relationship Issues and Ancestral Healing.

To fully understand Hitesh’s backstory and the story of how he decided to choose this path, we need to go back to the time when he was in Dubai. He was experiencing paranormal activities all around him and felt as though he was in the presence of a supernatural being. It was at this point he realized that there are other elements to life and started his journey to spiritual healing.

Hitesh now wants to share his story and discovery with masses. Spiritually, he aims at using his years of experience to guide people towards fulfilling life, good health, joy, love, wealth and inner peace. He believes in divine intelligence and listening to the powerful force within him. He is grateful for this life and the great opportunity he is given to share it with everyone.

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