GFE brings forth an Export Business Outsourcing model to fasten the growth of Indian MSME Sector

The Global Federation of Entrepreneurs (GFE) has recently launched an Export Business Outsourcing (EBO) Model in India to provide a much-needed boost to the MSME sector and increase the export opportunities in the industry. Via this model, GFE aims to assist companies in saving a huge amount of capital and time that goes in as heavy salaries to the Export Department. 

As a global platform for knowledge, networking, and trade, GFE has over the years set a strong foothold in the export and import domain. Using their large business network of buyers, suppliers, and effective logistics, they have given birth to this incredible idea of an EBO Model. Not only this model will help the Indian MSME sector grow but also give an undeniable boost to the export businesses of India in the year 2022.

Vaibhav Sharma, the Founder & CEO of the GFE group is the world’s first alignment mentor and coach. He is also an author, business strategist, and branding consultant. Sharing his insights on launching this model, he says, “Having scouted this industry for over 15 years I have come to know the facets involved in import and export from a very close point of view. The motive behind launching this business model is precisely to bring ease to the manner that export takes place in India. There is a huge amount of cost involved in these processes and with our model, we want to bring it down considerably so that the money saved could be deployed in the betterment of other domains.”

Not only import and export, but GFE also provides multiple businesses an opportunity in departments like food, education, travel, eCommerce, and much more. The firm helps and guides International Businesses to deal with various threats and risk factors that come in this industry. They leverage the power of technology to train businesses on how to grow in this competitive market. Crediting to such a powerful approach GFE today is spread across 50+ cities providing its services in 30+ countries all the while handling over 15000 clients. For such a team, the EBO Model is just another of their much more prized and successful ventures that aims to help the country’s economy to grow.

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