Extravagant journey of Entrepreneur Mina Habib aka DJ Afrikano: An International DJ and Music Producer

Accomplished Entrepreneur Mina Habib, aka DJ Afrikano, is an influencer, an artist, DJ, a music producer and business innovator. He is blessed with multiple talents, so much that one might believe he was born with it! The reality is that his ambitious goals and hard work contributed to his success. As a Music Producer and DJ, Mina Habib has been known for hosting extravagant events in the US / Canada / Middle East / North Africa and Southern Africa. Even though he was born with a creative mindset, Mina Habib is a strong believer of hard work. He is capable of capitalizing on his God-gifted talents to create opportunities in the music and entertainment industry. Entrepreneur Mina Habib says “Maybe I was born with skills and multiple talents, but actually it’s amazing that we all are born with different skills and talents. That is what makes us different from each other, to find your calling, and to identify your best skill is a task that everyone must work hard for.” Heading into 2022 looks set to be his biggest year yet with a large number of diverse events and concerts, a collection of original releases, remixes, and international collaborations..

Growing up in Africa gave entrepreneur Mina Habib exposure to a large variety of different cultures. Thereafter, he focused on music production and DJ’ing events using music from different parts of the world to include, but not limited to, HipHop/ Latin/ Arabic/ Persian/ Indian/ Afro beats. He caters to a wide variety of ethnicities under one roof and specializes in creating an international music vibe with a modern twist. Entrepreneur Mina Habib says “I love to entertain and hype up the crowds as part of my performances, and guests in attendance find this to be very engaging.”

So as to bring a moving vibe in the concerts, Mina Habib often introduces choreographed dances as part of his live performances and often participates in these shows on dance floors amongst large groups of people. Having performed in over 17 countries globally, and learning about different music cultures, Mina Habib has identified unique ways to blend music cultures with one another and introduce these music sets in various small tours internationally.

This genius Entrepreneur believes that whether you are successful or not has nothing to do with your luck but only with your hard work. Talent plays a major role in constructing success coupled with determination and consistency. Entrepreneur and DJ Mina Habib have more than 50k followers on his Instagram (@djafrikano) where he is famous for sharing exclusive glimpses from his personal as well as private lifestyle.

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