Entrepreneur Mohammed I H Al Kandari – The Music Maestro from Kuwait

Devotion and dedication are some of the most important things to become a musician. Maestro Entrepreneur Mohammed I H Al Kandari from Kuwait has been an inspiration because of his dedication amongst the young musicians around the world. With more than 55k followers on his instagram, he is often seen sharing amazing melodies on his social media platforms.

Just like other people from Qatar, Entrepreneur Mohammed I H Al Kandari has a very fortunate background and he could have loved his life without any hustle but he chose to work hard for his talent and sharpen his skill set. “Almighty God has given us this fortunate life and I am forever blessed for it. We all must find our inner calling and never stop working for it. For me Music is as divine as anything else. Music is an instrument through which I feel connected to the divine.” Says Entrepreneur Mohammed I H Al Kandari.

Maestro Mohammed I H Al Kandari also runs various music classes online as well as offline. “I want people to know how amazing music is and for that reason I have opened various classes where I teach the basics of music to the people. I believe each and everyone of us should learn music and feel ever connected with the divine force.” Says Mohammed I H Al Kandari.

Entrepreneur Mohammed I H Al Kandari has his own band and often shares his music collaboration on his Instagram which is widely loved by his community. On his Instagram he often gives shoutouts to various music artists from around the whole world. He is seen traveling to various places and plays instruments wherever he goes.

We all must learn one thing from this Maestro that even after coming from a Fortunate background he never took things for granted and is always very humble. To achieve lasting success one must remain humble in all his pursuits. We should understand that each and everyone has a different skill set and to identify the skill set is the only hurdle between us and success. “Once you know what exactly you want. Then you must give your heart and mind to that particular dream of yours. If you are able to do that, then nothing in the whole world can stop you from becoming successful” says Maestro Mohammed I H Al Kandari.

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