Entrepreneur Mahmood Al Ajmi: The Ace footballer from Bahrain

Mahmood Al Ajmi was born and brought up in Bahrain. Young Mahmood was always fascinated about sports, especially football. When he grew up he started his career as a professional footballer and gradually became successful in making a name for himself. Mahmood has worked really hard for where he is now. He has seen days when there was absolutely no support from anyone and it was just him and his dream alone. It is for a fact that the life of Mahmood has seen many down during the early days of his career but he kept on hustling even through the tough times. He told us that- “Setbacks like this are always bound to occur. What you do next is what defines your life.”

Entrepreneur and Whizz sportsperson Mahmood Al Ajmi is a Bahraini footballer. He plays as a midfielder and has represented some of the most famous football clubs like Gokulam Kerala the club competes in the I-League, the co-existing primary tier of the Indian football league system. He has also played for Al-Safa Club which is a sports club, based in Saudi Arabia, that competes in the Saudi Second Division. He has also been a part of the Bahrain National Team. Not just that, this ace football superstar has played in Albania and the reputed Europe league too. He is not just one of the most popular players in Bahrain, but due to his diverse workplaces, he has a widespread global fan base. He has always delivered 100% to the responsibility he has been endowed upon and this is the reason he has been so successful in gaining such popularity.

Mahmood has also played in the qualifiers of European League and also represented K.F Torana Clud. He has turned his skills into a profession and succeeded as a football player this is why Entrepreneur Mahmood Al Ajmi is actually an inspiration for many teenagers and youngsters. He says that “life is the most beautiful present that has been given to us and we should always be grateful about it. This doesn’t mean we should always live in our safe zone. You Only Live Once and you should live your life with no regrets whatsoever and this can never come from living in the comfort zone. You should always step out and be what you want to be and when you want to be. You should be grateful about life but you should also take charge of your life right from the start.”

He also travels to different countries for his work and training. “Travelling is a great escape after an intense training session. I often travel a lot and I believe that it is one of my secret sources of energy and enthusiasm” shares Mahmood. Talking about telling the young Sportspersons about how to be good at their game, He stated that “The process is more important than the outcome, and if there is a better way of doing something, It is your duty to find it and inculcate it. Also to become successful one must never underestimate the power of being productive and creative ”.

Mahmood Al Ajmi has more than 16k followers on his Instagram where he quite actively shares glimpses from his professional as well as private life. He also shares videos of his intensive training and pictures from his travel life. You can follow him here.

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