Entrepreneur Amjad Shuwayhi: Are you a Foodie? Wanna explore Restaurants and cafes?

Entrepreneur Amjad Shuwayhi is a content creator; he is a Graduate and pursued Arts from Jazan University. God has filled every person with different Qualities and skills, not every person is meant to be working at a 9 to 5 job. Ace Entrepreneur Amjad Shuwayhi is a person who truly believes in following the heart and living life to the fullest. “We get a chance to live only once,” says Amjad Shuwayhi. Amjad has a bunch of teenagers fond of eating and exploring restaurants and cafes.

Entrepreneur Amjad Shuwayhi has over 114k+ followers over his Instagram handle, where he posts content on different new cafes and restaurants. His unique way of presenting his content makes him eye-catching and draws attention towards him. A content creator is an influencer and has the power to influence a bunch of people who adore them. Respecting this responsibility, Entrepreneur Amjad gives honest reviews of the Cafes and restaurants. This in turn also makes his personality authentic and trusted by the people. Entrepreneur AMJAD SHUWAYHI is one such amazing content creator who believes “one can trick innocents only once” which means Amjad Shuwayhi respects deserving restaurants and cafes and wants them to be appreciated.

Turning your Likings into earnings is such a Flex, Entrepreneur Amjad Shuwayhi being a young Content creator and influencer, sets an example among youngsters and teenagers about turning their passion into a legitimate source of earning. He believes that being an influencer is a work of responsibilities but doing it in a fun way makes it a lot easier.

Who would have thought that exploring restaurants and presenting them on social media could bring the community of foodies together. “Food language is a love language,” says Amjad Shuwayhi. He himself is a foodie and a true admirer of genuine and authentic restaurants and cafes. À La carte draws and portrays the first impression of any restaurant or cafe. Amjad being a smart Foodie Doctor will take you to your perfect taste of restaurant or cafe. For the youngsters who are looking to make a name in blogging and becoming an influencer, Entrepreneur Amjad shares that “Nothing in the world can be achieved without hard work and persistence. Similarly even for becoming a Food blogger one must accept the fact that there is no alternative of hard work. If you want your dreams to come true, then it is your responsibility to give your 100% to that dream and once the dream comes true work even harder so as to make things permanent.”

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