Entrepreneur Abd Ei Djalil Faci aka Jey : 24 and already One of the most sought after Dancer and Actor

When you look at the handsome, charismatic and well built body of Abd Ei Djalil Faci on his Instagram, the first thing which might strike our mind regarding his profession is that he is a sassy model but to your surprise he is much more. Apart from a Model Entrepreneur Abd Ei Djalil Faci is a Celebrity Dancer, Choreographer, Actor (Humorist/Drama) Instagram Influencer and also a wizard entrepreneur.

At age of 24, Entrepreneur Abd Ei Djalil Faci also known as ‘Jey’ by his fans is the first and youngest dancer in Algeria who performed on the fashion shows and choreographed mix between Dance and fashion. From childhood Elias was into Dancing and Modeling. He developed his own style of dancing and has been very groovy with his moves. He often shares his moves on instagram and also shares beautiful pictures from his travel diaries.

Entrepreneur Abd Ei Djalil Faci started his dancing journey at a tender age of 16 years. He is a self made dancer and learnt to dance all by himself. At the young age of 19 years, he did his first dance show (Break dance), which introduced him into Professional Dancing space. Thereafter Abd Ei Djalil Faci  started working as a professional dancer with a contemporary dance company. At 21, he had to take his own path to make his dream come true. Since then he has been a hustlers who has mastered the art of Acting and Dancing so much that he is the one of most sought after artist across the country.

An inspiration to many Entrepreneur Dancer and Actor Abd Ei Djalil Faci gives credit of his success to continuous growth and dedication. He tells us that consistency and never giving up attitude can make all our dreams come true. The difference between an ordinary person and a successful person is that the successful one never stopped hustling and never stopped working. If you nag over and lose focus then though you may be a genius but you cannot be successful.

If you want to get connected with Entrepreneur Abd Ei Djalil Faci, you can visit his Instagram where he often posts visually appealing feeds from around the world as he is a traveller and is often seen flashing his moves and twerking to sounds in different reels. He has more than 33k followers on Instagram.

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