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Dt Sunny Gupta felicitates Chandni Shah as ‘Fittest Mom of Surat’ for her exception weight loss journey 

Surat, Gujarat [India]: Exceptional journeys start with the first step. However, it’s the right guidance that helps you overcome challenges and takes your journey through the right path. The weight loss journey of Chandni Shah has enabled her to reclaim her life and claim the title of ‘Fittest mom of Surat’ with the expert guidance of renowned dietician Sunny Gupta and his detox diet plans as Dt Sunny Gupta recently felicitated Chandni Shah with  ‘Fittest mom of Surat’ recognition on 21st October. 

Excess weight had become a great obstacle for Chandni who was facing several health issues besides low energy and low confidence levels. Weight loss was a challenge for Chandni due to her hectic lifestyle. Being a full-time mom to two kids, a devoted homemaker and a social media influencer, it was impossible for her to follow a stringent diet or attend a gym regularly.

Dt Sunny Gupta felicitates Chandni Shah as 'Fittest Mom of Surat' for her exception weight loss journey
Chandni Shah Transformation

The right guidance from Dt Sunny Gupta’s that included his diet plan and detox diet helped Chandni reap benefits for her health. It helped reclaim her life, boost her energy levels, improve her mental health and gain more confidence in her work. It was a miracle that within 150 days Chandni had a drastic body transformation by losing a whopping 15 kgs.

“Detox diet is now part of my life. I lead a very active life thanks to Dt Sunny Sir who never ceased to motivate me to achieve my desired fitness goal. My family is also proud of me and with my title of ‘Fittest mom of Surat’,” said Chandni.

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