Dr Sumadhura of Hyderabad-based SimSum Arts on the Guinness World Records

It was a proud moment for Dr. Sumadhura, founder of Hyderabad-based SimSum Arts when she received the Guinness World Records title for the ‘Mass Participation Event” held on April 17 this year in which 1465 persons from 117 countries participated. The participants had to upload only one photo of a black and white drawing to a link on Facebook in one hour’.

With 832 posts found valid, the event was approved as a Guinness Record. Besides Dr Sumadhura, the other three record holders from India are Mayank Vyas (event organiser and founder of Radart Foundation Indore), Roma G Girish (Bengaluru) and Mithu Roy (Siliguri).

Dr Sumadhura who created a drawing of Nature had participated in the event held last year too. Dentists by profession and passionate about art, sisters Dr Sumadhura and Dr Sindhura founded SimSum Arts (Award Winning Fine Arts Institute) in 2009 in Kondapur in Hyderabad. Now the sisters look forward to opening Simsum college of Fine arts and Design at Miyapur shortly.

Besides, 150 other participants from SimSum Arts including Dr Sindhura, who participated in this Guinness World Record event, will receive a participation certificate.

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