Dhanu Krishnaa – An Ardent Game Changer in Digital Media – Youth Icon of the Year!

Dhanu Krishnaa, working as Director of Media and Communications at Digital Magnet Media has relentlessly worked to diversify the realm of digital media.

Dhanu Krishnaa is a formidable market influencer. The distinguished stature of being an oracle in branding gives a thrust to the popularity of any person. His spark has left us enlightened and has created a desire in young minds to accomplish. He is empowering youth globally with his ideas, spirit and has garnered a commendable base of support among them. Leading companies and distinct leaders in the field are seeking his branding with a view to capitalize on the influence he wields. The stories of his triumph are now widely hailed. Undeniably, his influence is credited to be a major game-changer in the digital media.

Dhanu Krishnaa has established an estimable association with renowned politicians, celebrities, Governor, Ministers, MLA’s etc. He has established his name and prominence on all social media platforms, to a staggering range of acclaim.

Post his graduation, Dhanu decided to work as a Film Editor & Colourist for three years. He eventually realized that his heart lied towards the creativity propelling the digital media world. His formative experience in the field of nurtured his love for media. He continued to receive widespread acclaim for his oeuvre from politicians, and other noted artists. It is to little surprise that there are numerous accolades in his name for he has earned them.

He started implementing many creative ideas in the digital media and business. One Such game-changing idea was the Digital Magnet Media which has gathered social media support.  This platform is receiving numerous engagements and attention from famous artists, media celebrities and young talents across Karnataka.

His story will truly inspire many youths who aspire to become successful in Digital Media. Let his success stories continue and kindle the spirit of inspiration.

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