CLAT Tips and Tricks from FIMT Faculty

Because of the high level of competition, most students prefer to prepare for CLAT with professional coaching. If you want to attend one of the best law schools in India such as Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology, New Delhi (FIMT) and are serious about studying law, you’ll need to do some serious studying and learn how to prepare for CLAT. We’ve put together a list of expert-recommended CLAT tips and tricks from FIMT faculty below. These will undoubtedly assist you in motivating yourself with the best possible guidance.

Know Everything About Every Important Topic

It is crucial to be familiar with all of the CLAT exam subjects. The CLAT exam pattern has altered in recent years. There were more conceptual questions in the last two CLAT papers than in previous years. As a result, students must prepare with this in mind. 

CLAT Tips & Tricks 1: Prepare a Study Schedule

Candidates taking the CLAT exam should follow a well-organized study schedule. They must complete a large curriculum, thus they must study for at least 6-7 hours per day. It is recommended that you finish the CLAT syllabus at least two months before the exam so that you have enough time to revise.

CLAT Tips & Tricks 2: Improve Accuracy and Speed

If you are a CLAT aspirant, you must have extraordinary reading abilities to read all of the passages and answer the underlying questions. Candidates that can read rapidly and comprehend the passage will have an advantage. Candidates with good reading speed will also be able to finish the paper on time. As a result, while studying for the exam, students should create a habit of reading articles, newspapers, and complicated passages, particularly those from legal publications.

CLAT Tips & Tricks 3: Section-by-section analysis

Aspirants taking CLAT 2021 must conduct a section-by-section and subject-by-subject analysis of the topics covered in the curriculum. This practice will help identify and comprehend critical topics for the examination, as well as allocate their time and effort properly.

CLAT Tips & Tricks 4: Solving Previous Year Paper

Solving previous year’s CLAT question papers is the most significant step because it demonstrates the depth and degree of your study.

CLAT Tips & Tricks 5:Periodic Revision

There are several times during the preparation process when students lose their grasp on the curriculum that has been presented to them. To avoid such mishaps, you should review what you’ve already learned at regular intervals to ensure that you’re up to date on everything.

BA.LL.B (Integrated) from FIMT School of Law

The FIMT School of Law’s BA.LL.B(Integrated) program aims to explore and identify new areas of law and policy by relentlessly engaging in the development of legal theory and practice, academic potential, critical analytical ability, and advocacy skills, in order to fully equip students with intellectually stimulating, socially vital, and professionally enriching learning. 

This course is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and training in law subjects, as well as to assist them in gaining broader perspectives on legal duties and professional application. The program gives applicants the tools they need to be active and effective participants in legal counseling, advocacy, and decision-making as professionals.

BBA-LLB( Integrated) program from FIMT School of Law

The BBA-LLB(Integrated) program from the FIMT school of law is one of the most popular in the legal sector. It is a combined course that integrates the study of law with business administration.

It also provides a deeper grasp of how each of these, when combined, makes business understanding more meaningful in a bigger context. Students gain insight into the topic of law research over the course of the five-year program, with regular contact with the business and academic figures through workshops, internships, visits, and guest lectures.


From this year on, FIMT has also introduced The LLM (Master of Laws) course. The LLM program at FITM is a wonderful way to improve your employability, expand your legal knowledge, and acquire competence.

The LLM is a significant step forward from a Bachelor of Laws (or LLB), as it allows students to specialize in certain areas of law. Students can specialize in a variety of subjects, including tax, commercial, employment, environmental, and criminal law, to name a few.

CLAT Tips & Tricks

Achieving a decent CLAT score is no easy task. If you want to take the CLAT exam in 2022, you need to check all the boxes in order to earn a good score. Hope our  CLAT tips and tricks from FIMT faculty below would be of great help. 

Are you looking to enroll in one of the best law schools in India? Do you plan on enrolling in an LLB or Integrated LLB program this year? A BA LLB/ BBA-LLB/ LLM from FITM qualifies a person for employment in the Central Services, such as Indian Legal Services, through the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), and in State Legal Services through the State Public Service Commission (SPSC) exams. 

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