BeautyKart is inclined towards creating a safe marketplace for beauty

The multi-million-dollar beauty industry attracts many businesses each year. However, there need to be strict norms about quality to prevent counterfeit products and substandard formulations. Sadly, fake products, imitation graphics, unethical formulations, and unresearched ingredients are plaguing the market. The amount of non-skin-friendly ingredients is a lot more than those that promise the results mentioned on the packaging. Consumers are buying products after products only to be disappointed with the results. Apart from poor formulations, imitation of label graphics, and unethical marketing, the lack of personalization and unsuitability for skin types is also at the root of many troubles.

Beauty expert and research sponsor Santhoshi Reddy recently said that the beauty industry needs to be more sensitive to the specific needs of users and must be democratized. According to Reddy, every user is different with unique skin needs. As the CEO of Beautykart, he works continually with various brands in the industry and is striving to work with only top players. He thinks that if aggregator sites work directly with brands, it can fill the authenticity gap in India.

The high prices of premium products also push users toward poor-quality merchandise. Santhoshi thinks that it is required to work with consumer needs and expectations at the center and through BeautyKart and its strategic associations with ethical brands, he is striving to achieve that.

The prices need to be considered carefully keeping in mind the needs of the Indian market. Several other experts also think that despite being a great place for all global brands, India needs to be more mindful of the paying capacity and skin needs of consumers.

Indian users are also evolving each day in the way they approach beauty and personal care and thus eCommerce brands need to offer a mixed bag of choices. The portfolio must comprise high-end local and global brands thus becoming a one-stop-shop for all beauty brands.
Korean, French, and Japanese skincare products are all the rage now and innovative entrepreneurs are now tapping this opportunity to offer a wide portfolio of products.

These websites are a lot more than skincare and haircare. Their curation expands to menstrual cups, sexual wellness products, and a plethora of other personal care needs. Entrepreneurs need to go a step further to be upfront about formulations efficacy and effectiveness for various skin and body types.

According to Santoshi, new-age brands like Beautykart are trying this, and others need to follow their lead. This will make Indian markets a unique space that doesn’t make it imperative for users to look out for their beauty needs.

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