30 Seconds Into Rapid Fire With Lady Karl Marx | Mayaa SH

Multi National award and State Award Winner, Eminent feminist icon, women’s rights activist, poetess, authoress and social scientist Mayaa SH breathes her life into the unheard voices of women across the country .Mayaa SH has  placed gender in systems and structures which abled gender imbalance.

A developmental feminist and authoress, Mayaa SH has embraced feminism in the course of her journey across her vivid interactions with the women of this country .She has always said that feminism is not a war between men and women but a war against the ideology of patriarchy, i.e.a clash of two ideologies.Her work explored how patriarchy had fostered discrimination against women from historical times, rather than innate differences between men and women.

We’ve never seen someone break down activism, feminism, and patriarchy in a way that is both serious and laced with witty humour at the same time. 

Here’s an insight into her mindset

Mayaa Is : Fearless

Favourite Author : Jane Austen

Critics are : Best Friends

Favourite Flower : Orchids

Love Is : Respect and Sacrifice

Gift of Life : Gratitude

Favourite Numbers : 2,9

Feminism : Upliftment

Spirituality : Inner Work

Subconscious : Intellect

Time Is: Value

Favourite colour: Lavender

Favourite Destination: Lansdowne

Honesty Is: Serrated

Your pet bird: Moti

Favourite word : Sagacious

Silver or Gold : Titanium

Attitude Is : Character

Class Is : Simplicity

Favourite Actor : Burak Deniz

Women Must : Elevate

Millennials : Nirvana

Beauty is: Internal

Soulful: Eyes

Favourite Book: On Balance (Justice Leila Seth)

Kindness: Heals

Extraordinary: Ordinary

Perfection Is: (an) Art

Apple of my eye: Metaphor

Attorneys: Emotional

Your message to all on building a transformative journey:

Always dare to dream and be sincere in your efforts. There is a divine light within us that strikes an infinite balance with the outer world. If you discover the passion that makes you breathe to existence,then remember you are half way through your dreams. The best of Transformative journeys are essayed when we hit the rick bottom and rediscover, rekindle and rejuvenate that one belief that we live for. Thus, Be You,Be Beautiful from within. Rest will fall in place. God has a plan for all. Keep moving forward and believe in the power of your dreams.

About the Author :

Championer of Women’s Rights, Authoress, Public Intellectual, and a former corporate juggernaut, Mayaa SH is  a recognised crusader on Indian’s contemporary verve of economics, freedom of the press, gender neutrality and human rights, Mayaa has authored 9 bestselling works essayed as self help books and co-authored more than 150 books. Her power of self belief  have helped many across the country to rediscover and reignite with themselves. This has institutionalised her infinite belief in “The Power Of A Determined Mind” and helped provide respite to many with her talks.

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