IIT Kharagpur

  • Researchers devise digital method to process Sanskrit texts

    New Delhi: While various digital resources have improved the accessibility and use of world languages and even regional languages, Sanskrit presents unique challenges in automated computational processing. In addition to the sheer volume and diversity, both stylistic and chronological, found in these texts, the linguistic peculiarities expressed by the language, pose several challenges in making these works accessible to the…

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  • New collaboration to launch India-UK Dual Doctoral Programme

    New Delhi: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur and The University of Manchester announced the launch of a dual award PhD programme. This will serve to consolidate and build on existing research collaborations across a number of thematic areas including environmental geochemistry, biomaterials and Industry 4.0. Students will be jointly recruited and spend time in both Manchester and Kharagpur, benefiting…

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  • DGPS based technology to Improve fertilizer application

    New Delhi: Geospatial mapping is a buzzword today with the Govt. of India liberalizing the sector. There is another side of mapping that could transform the food security program of India; soil maps, which could be accessed using differential GPS (DGPS), developed by researchers at (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur) IIT, Kharagpur for a variable rate of fertilization application in…

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